2017 Intake 2005 Team Rosters Announced

Following a very competitive evaluations process, MUFC is proud to present the rosters for our 2017 Intake Teams. Coaches Mike D’Agostino (Boys) and Graham Thompson (Girls) are eager to get started with this talented group of players. We extend our thanks to the numerous boys and girls who participated in the process and congratulate the following selected players:

U13 Intake Girls Team:
Sophia Ahern, Beatrice Audain, Gabriella Boppart, Phoebe Degeer, Hazel Doyle, Deanna Factor, Ayesha Fraser, Melina Glavas, Amaya Heyes, Kiana Langston, Alexa Marano, Taylor Mason, Kirsty Mcneill, Chelsea Mosher, Mysha Shariff, Amy Tynan, Mikayla Will, Delila Zilic

U13 Intake Boys Team:
Gavin Archer, Dominic Berg, James Cameron, Max Cameron, Malcolm Carey, Rory Clements, Max Comsia, Marcus D’Andrea, Conor Dillon, Edwin Espinal, Mattias Ferraro, Aidan Fong, Liam Hood, Joven Mangat, Christopher Nicolaisen, Hugo Patel Thompson, Nikita Rabok, Damiano Ravnic