BCSPL League Cup 2016 Finals

1.3_BCPL_logo_rd2_2AAt the League Cup Finals in Surrey this weekend our Mountain teams played well. Unfortunately only two of our teams were victorious. It just wasn’t meant to be for most of our teams but on Saturday, as they have done all year, our U16 done boys found the road to a well deserved victory. On Sunday our U13 Girls kept us on the edge of our seats, winning a nail-biter in Penalty Kicks. Well done to all our teams and to our Championship G13 & B16 teams, congratulations!

BCSPL League Cup Finals results are as follows:
B13 – Mountain – 0 vs Metro Ford – 2
B15 – Mountain – 0 vs Metro Ford – 2
B16 – Mountain – 3 vs Coastal FC – 0
B17 – Mountain – 1 vs Thompson OK – 2
G13 – Mountain – 2 vs Metro Ford – 1

BCSPL recap and photos of the Finals: Boys Round up  Girls Round up