Nationals – G16-1999’s step up

Nationals-Logo-2Our MUFC Girls U16 1999 team has taken yet another step forward. These girls sure didn’t let a disappointing loss at the Provincial Championships in June affect them for very long.  The team was asked to sub-in for a team that couldn’t make the Nationals in Surrey, no problem, they’re on it.

Our Provincial Champion U18 1997 team couldn’t manage a roster at the Nationals due to post-secondary commitments. Having the 1999 girls step in as our lone National’s team meant a lot to our Club, they didn’t disappoint and we really appreciate their efforts!

This team has come a long way since the initial tryouts years ago.  Struggling their first two years to win a game they have constantly improved to the point where this year they are one of the top teams in the Premier League.

At Nationals in Surrey they compiled a respectable record. They lost close games to top teams while winning 2, tying 1 and losing 2. They are now ranked 9th in the country, well done girls! Here is their Nationals scorecard:

Nova Scotia lost 2-1
Quebec lost 3-1
New Brunswick 1-1
PEI won 11-0
Yukon won 10-0