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The MUFC U15 Boys Team battled hard during the 5 games they played over 6 days at the Nationals in Calgary, Alberta. They won 4 of their 5 games, scoring 12 goals and conceding only 3 goals in return, with 2 of their 5 games being shut outs, placing 5th out of a total of 12 teams.

Game results were as follows:

  • MUFC 6 vs. Yukon 0
  • MUFC 1 vs. Nova Scotia 0
  • MUFC 0 vs. Manitoba 1
  • MUFC 2 vs. Prince Edward Island 1
  • MUFC 3 vs. Alberta 1

A heart filled thank you to all of the sponsors, donors, parents, coaches, staff, Canada Soccer, BC Soccer, BCSPL and Mountain United for making the journey to Calgary possible!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

With special thanks, we would like to gratefully acknowledge the following donors:

  • Canada Soccer – Financial contribution towards airfare
  • BC Soccer
  • Mountain United – $4,000
  • All of those families and individuals who donated to the “GoFundMe” campaign – $2,500
  • West Vancouver Soccer Club- $250
  • Coast Capital – $250
  • Save On Foods (Kingsway, Burnaby) – $300
  • Superstore (Grandview, Vancouver) – $100
  • Superstore (Marine Drive, Vancouver) – $75
  • Superstore (Metropolis, Burnaby) – $50
  • Safeway (Kingsway, Burnaby) – $20

Posted on: October 18, 2017

MUFC U15 Boy’s chase National title

Our Provincial Champion U15 boys squad will be aiming to reach the peak at Soccer Canada’s U15 Cup National Championship tournament running Oct. 4-9 in Calgary. The team will head off next week in search of the Club’s first National Championship.

Please read their featured article in the North Shore News last Wednesday – Mountain United U15 team chasing national title

Good luck boys!

Posted on: September 30, 2017

2017 Intake 2005 Team Rosters Announced

Following a very competitive evaluations process, MUFC is proud to present the rosters for our 2017 Intake Teams. Coaches Mike D’Agostino (Boys) and Graham Thompson (Girls) are eager to get started with this talented group of players. We extend our thanks to the numerous boys and girls who participated in the process and congratulate the following selected players:

U13 Intake Girls Team:
Sophia Ahern, Beatrice Audain, Gabriella Boppart, Phoebe Degeer, Hazel Doyle, Deanna Factor, Ayesha Fraser, Melina Glavas, Amaya Heyes, Kiana Langston, Alexa Marano, Taylor Mason, Kirsty Mcneill, Chelsea Mosher, Mysha Shariff, Amy Tynan, Mikayla Will, Delila Zilic

U13 Intake Boys Team:
Gavin Archer, Dominic Berg, James Cameron, Max Cameron, Malcolm Carey, Rory Clements, Max Comsia, Marcus D’Andrea, Conor Dillon, Edwin Espinal, Mattias Ferraro, Aidan Fong, Liam Hood, Joven Mangat, Christopher Nicolaisen, Hugo Patel Thompson, Nikita Rabok, Damiano Ravnic

Posted on: April 16, 2017

BCSPL League Cup 2016 Finals

1.3_BCPL_logo_rd2_2AAt the League Cup Finals in Surrey this weekend our Mountain teams played well. Unfortunately only two of our teams were victorious. It just wasn’t meant to be for most of our teams but on Saturday, as they have done all year, our U16 done boys found the road to a well deserved victory. On Sunday our U13 Girls kept us on the edge of our seats, winning a nail-biter in Penalty Kicks. Well done to all our teams and to our Championship G13 & B16 teams, congratulations!

BCSPL League Cup Finals results are as follows:
B13 – Mountain – 0 vs Metro Ford – 2
B15 – Mountain – 0 vs Metro Ford – 2
B16 – Mountain – 3 vs Coastal FC – 0
B17 – Mountain – 1 vs Thompson OK – 2
G13 – Mountain – 2 vs Metro Ford – 1

BCSPL recap and photos of the Finals: Boys Round up  Girls Round up

Posted on: November 20, 2016

BCSPL League Cup 2016 Semi-Finals

1.3_BCPL_logo_rd2_2AOur club finished the Mini-Season on a roll. All 10 of our teams went through to the Semi-Finals, amazing! In the Semi-Finals our Boys teams won 4 matches while the Girls teams won 1. We’re more than pleased to have five teams in the Finals. Please read the BCSPL Finals story. MUFC League Cup Finalists are: Boys – U13; U15; U16; & U17 and Girls – U13. Good luck to all!


Posted on: November 18, 2016

U16 Boys Team at Nationals

team-natsOur MUFC U16 Boys showed very well at Nationals in Lethbridge Alberta. Their only loss was to the eventual champions, Alberta Juventus. We were scheduled to play for the Bronze medal vs Quebec but the game was cancelled due to snow. At this time there is no final determination of the Bronze medalists (perhaps co-medalists).

Thank you to our players, staff, and parents making the journey to Lethbridge and serving as Mountain ambassadors. Our U16-2000 Boys will be remembered for continuing Mountain’s solid efforts at National Championships.

Qualification Game Results as follows:

  • MUFC  3 vs Newfoundland 0
  • MUFC  1 vs Alberta 2
  • MUFC  10 vs New Brunswick 2
  • MUFC  3 vs Nova Scotia 1

stuart starters-v-nb sam pat dumars alex

Posted on: October 27, 2016

U16 Boys Team headed to Nationals

mufc-b16-champs-1Our MUFC U16 Boys are on their way to Nationals in Lethbridge Alberta. The teams departs October 4th for games over the Thanksgiving Weekend. They are working hard in preparation, with hopes of bringing home a National title. The B-16 roster includes the following players and staff:

Patrick Ainge, Sam Boppart, Alasdair Coyle, Lorenzo De Bei, River Dennehy, Nishaan Dulay, Miles Gailunas, Dumars Graham, Ryan Hum, Ryu Ikeda, Max Kennett, Dustin Livingston, Stuart Loop, Benito Manzo, Jamie Marshall, Owen McBride, Devin O’Hea, Nick Sewchuck, and Alex Wallace. Please have a look at the Team Bio sheet

Coach – Dan Fairhurst; TD – Lee Tregonning; and Manager Howard Hum

Game schedule is as follows:

  • Oct 5th, 12:00pm against Newfoundland
  • October 6th 12:00pm against Alberta
  • October 7th 12:00pm against New Brunswick
  • October 8th 10:00am against Nova Scotia

The boys are honoured to represent British Columbia and Mountain United FC. They are looking forward to a memorable lifetime experience and  hopefully a National championship.

All the best boys, good luck!

Posted on: September 26, 2016

Provincial Premier Cup Finals – Results

BCSoccerLogoThis might not be the PC way to say this but…  Mountain United kicked *** this weekend! 4 Provincial Champions!!!

What a display by all our teams in Kelowna on Saturday and Sunday. We dominated 2 of the games and were in position to win all 6 of our matches. In the end we came up just short in 2 of the games while winning the other 4.

Our U14 Boys played a great game but just couldn’t find the back of the net and lost 0-1.  Meanwhile the U16 Girls lost a heart-breaker 8-9 in PK’s. Two tough losses to be sure but both were great games and our teams should be proud of how they handled themselves. Well done!

Our first Provincial Champions of the weekend were the U13 Boys, they dominated Fusion, winning by a comfortable 5-1 margin. In similar fashion the U16 Boys were all over the Coastal team and cruised to a 4-0 win. On the Girls side our U15’s won a close one over Fraser Valley while the U18’s made things very exciting, they waited till overtime to finally pull ahead of Surrey United in an exciting 2-1 win.

All things considered this was an incredible weekend for the Club. To all our players & team staff as well as all the parents that made the journey to be a part of the Provincial Championships, amazing job! Congratulations!!!

FINALS Results:
U13 Boys 2003: Mountain – 5 vs Fusion FC – 1
U14 Boys 2002: Fraser Valley – 1 vs Mountain – 0
U16 Boys 2000: Coastal FC – 0 vs Mountain – 4
U15 Girls 2001: Mountain – 2 vs Fraser Valley – 1
U16 Girls 2000: Mountain 0 vs Metro Ford – 1 (9-8 PK’s)
U18 Girls 1998: Mountain – 2 (OT) vs Surrey United – 1

MUFC G15 2001 - Champions

MUFC G15 2001 – Champions

MUFC B16 2000 - Champions

MUFC B16 2000 – Champions

MUFC G16 2000 - Runners-Up

MUFC G16 2000 – Runners-Up


MUFC G18 1998 – Champions


Posted on: June 27, 2016

Provincial Premier Cup Finals June 2016

BCSoccerLogoThompson Okanagan FC are hosting BC Soccer’s Provincial Premier Cup Finals in Kelowna this weekend – June 25 & 26. Mountain is well represented with 6 of our teams making the journey up the Coquihalla Highway in search of a Provincial Cup in the sunny Okanagan. Here are the matches for the Cup, good luck to all our teams this weekend!

U13 Boys: Mountain-03 vs Fusion FC – SAT Parkinson #9 – 1:30pm
U14 Boys: Fraser Valley vs Mountain-02 – SAT Apple Bowl – 2:30pm
U16 Boys: Coastal FC vs Mountain-00 – SAT Apple Bowl – 11:00am
U15 Girls: Mountain-01 vs Fraser Valley – SUN Parkinson #9 – 2:30pm
U16 Girls: Mountain-00 vs Metro Ford – SUN Apple Bowl – 11:00am
U18 Girls: Mountain-98 vs Surrey United – SUN Apple Bowl – 4:00pm

Mountain had 8 teams in the in the Semi-Finals last weekend, unfortunately both our U13 Girls & U15 Boys lost  in very close games that could have gone either way. It would have been incredible to have 8 teams in the Cup Finals but these two teams will probably be there next year.

Posted on: June 24, 2016

Provincial Premier Cup – June 2016

BCSPL-Logo-NewThe Provincial Premier Cup for the top 4 BCSPL League teams in each U13-U18 Division begins with the Semi-Finals on June 18 – 19.

Format for 2016: Single Knock out, Semi-finals and Final game
Semi Finals: June 18 – 19
1st place hosts 4th place
2nd place hosts 3rd place

Finals: June 25 and 26, 2016
Finals Host: Thompson Okanagan FC
Venue: Apple Bowl, Kelowna BC


Posted on: May 16, 2016

2016 Intake Team Rosters Announced

Following a very competitive evaluations process, MUFC is proud to present the rosters for our 2016 Intake Teams. Coaches Craig Ogilvie (Boys) and Graham Thompson (Girls) are eager to get started with this talented group of players. We extend our thanks to the numerous boys and girls who participated in the process and congratulate the following selected players:

U13 Intake Girls Team:
Olivia Ahern, Madelyn Araszewski, Andrea Burtini, Trinity Chow, Olivia Consiglio, Katrina Demetillo, Lauren Ebel, Madeline Foulds, Georgia Gemmell, Anna Golovetska, Amelia Hamnett, Riley Kennedy, Katherine Liu, Sabrina Park, Toya Peters, Tammy Rodriguez, Nathalie Shefley, Hana Yazdani. Training players: Sophia Ahern, Devon Kavanagh, Annie Kulisek, Tayler Roberts.

U13 Intake Boys Team:
Max Anchor, Cole Anderson, Luka Assaf, Daniel Barbati, Mattias Bello, Thomas Budisa, Sean Cyr, Luke Frith, Michael Hennessy, Marshall Herald, Ilo Mcdonald, Brandon Momotani, Aidan Nemeth, Joseph Pereira, Elliott Riches, Gian-Samuel Scaglione, Jarrod Smith, Archie Tugwell. Training players: Zakary Esmail, Mateo Huster, James Mummery, Bernardo Poniaczyk Illoz.

Posted on: March 25, 2016

2016 Intake Team Coaches Appointed

MUFC is very pleased to announce the appointments of our U13 Intake Team coaches for 2016. Craig Ogilvie, who has previously led our 1998 Boys, will assume the Head Coach position with the 2004 Boys. For the Girls, we welcome Graham Thompson as Head Coach of our 2004 Intake Team. MUFC coach bios can be found here:

Congratulations to these very capable and experienced coaches on their assignments and we wish both teams the very best as they begin play in the BCSPL.

Posted on: February 19, 2016

BCSPL League Cup Champions!

Our club finished the Mini-Season in fine fashion, winning 3 BCSPL League Cups. Three of our four League Cup Finalists were crowned champions, our G14-2001, G16-1999, and G17-1998. Our G15-2000 team finished runner up after losing on a penalty shoot out. Please see the complete story – Exciting League Cup Finals    Noticeable support at the Finals from Whitecaps FC, they have produced this – Finals Video Recap

Congratulations to all our teams, well done!

Posted on: December 11, 2015

Nationals – G16-1999’s step up

Nationals-Logo-2Our MUFC Girls U16 1999 team has taken yet another step forward. These girls sure didn’t let a disappointing loss at the Provincial Championships in June affect them for very long.  The team was asked to sub-in for a team that couldn’t make the Nationals in Surrey, no problem, they’re on it.

Our Provincial Champion U18 1997 team couldn’t manage a roster at the Nationals due to post-secondary commitments. Having the 1999 girls step in as our lone National’s team meant a lot to our Club, they didn’t disappoint and we really appreciate their efforts!

This team has come a long way since the initial tryouts years ago.  Struggling their first two years to win a game they have constantly improved to the point where this year they are one of the top teams in the Premier League.

At Nationals in Surrey they compiled a respectable record. They lost close games to top teams while winning 2, tying 1 and losing 2. They are now ranked 9th in the country, well done girls! Here is their Nationals scorecard:

Nova Scotia lost 2-1
Quebec lost 3-1
New Brunswick 1-1
PEI won 11-0
Yukon won 10-0

Posted on: October 18, 2015

Provincial Premier Cup

Luca-Original-SquareMountain United FC hosted BC Soccer’s Provincial Premier Cup Finals at the Burnaby Lake West field complex last Sunday June 28, 2015. Boys and Girls games in each of the U13, U14, U15, U16 and U18 Divisions vying for Provincial Championships were played simultaneously on fields 1 & 3.

BC Soccer staff and Board members assisted with the organization of the event and were also on hand for Awards presentation to all Winners and Runners-up. Representatives from MUFC’s Districts and Club’s were in attendance, as were staff and directors from the various BCSPL Clubs. MUFC thanks everyone for being a part of the League’s Premier event. The venue was set, the weather was perfect, all that remained…. the games!

MUFC was well represented with 4 of our teams in the Championships. Our U13 Boys started the day off in typical fashion by falling behind 1-0 early in the game to Fraser Valley but roared back to take control of the game and come away with a deserved 4-2 decision. Next up for MUFC was our U15 Boys, they controlled the game early and led 1-0 but in a wildly exciting 2nd half which saw 6 goals, they came up one goal short losing 4-3 to the Metro Ford team that simply refused to quit.

G16-1One the girls side our U16 Girls were in for a tough match with League winners from Coastal. Our girls played a spirited game, all the while maintaining their MUFC style of play, but couldn’t manage a goal losing 3-0 to the Coastal girls. MUFC’s U18 Girls controlled much of their match versus Surrey United and prevailed by a 3-1 score.



All things considered the day was a resounding success. MUFC came away with Provincial Champions at U13 Boys & U18 Girls, disappointing losses in U15 Boys & U16 Girls are painful but our teams played  MUFC soccer throughout. Congratulations to all participants!

Results of all games:
U13 Mountain United FC 4-2 Fraser Valley Premier
U14 Surrey United 1-0 Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC
U15 Coquitlam Metro-Ford FC 4-3 Mountain United FC
U16 Surrey United 2-0 Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC
U18 Surrey United (U18) 2-1 Surrey United (U17)

U13 Coastal FC 3-1 Surrey United SC
U14 Fusion FC 3-0 Coastal FC
U15 Fusion FC 2-1 Fraser Valley Premier
U16 Coastal FC 3-0 Mountain United FC
U18 Surrey United 1-3 Mountain United FC

B13-2002 Staff & TD

B13-2002 Staff & TD








G16-1999 Silver Medalists


Posted on: July 11, 2015

Umbro Cup Champions!

Intake-2003-Umbro-Champs-1Congratulations to our U13 Boys Intake Team who emerged as Champions in Umbro Cup competition last weekend in Surrey. Our Intake Girls team did not fair quite as well but both teams played a good brand of soccer in very tight Divisions. Well done to both teams!

Posted on: May 21, 2015

MUFC U15 Girls host Wave at BBQ

U15-MUFCvsVIWAVE-May2Our MUFC U15 Girls played the U15 Island Wave team on Saturday and knowing that the Wave team was to stay over for another game vs TOK on Sunday, they arranged a post game BBQ for both teams to follow their game at Windsor field. On the field it was a very competitive game that ended in a 1-1 tie and off the field everyone was reminded that sport is about more than just the game. Thanks to everyone for the putting this together, what a great way to celebrate our sport!

Posted on: May 4, 2015

2015 Intake Team Rosters Announced

Following a very competitive evaluations process, MUFC is proud to present the rosters for our 2015 Intake Teams. We extend our thanks to the numerous boys and girls who participated in the process and congratulate the following players:

Polly Campbell, Laine Delmotte, Jamie Durkin, Jennifer Hashimoto, Krystal Herfst, Sophie Hill, Sarah Loewen, Lorena Marano, Ava Mauro, Mikayla McGowan, Mia Pante, Ava Regan, Lauren Spitale, Ashley Stewart, Aislin Streicek, Ella Sunde, Aiko Williams. Training players (2004-born): Anna Golovetska, Tammy Rodriguez.

Juliano Campadelli, Devon Crow, Stefano Dal Sasso, Ethan Dong, Brighton Fraser, Kamron Habibullah, Shay Harrison, Jasper Hart, Oliver Herbert, Hayden Isherwood-Gruver, Luca Martinelli, Jacob Mastromonaco, Evan Mitchell, Jake Oseen, Ivan Salov, Niko Sigur, Luka Taylor, Lachlan Will. Training players (2004-born): Luka Assaf, Elliott Riches.

Posted on: February 26, 2015

2015 Intake Team Coaches Appointed

MUFC is very pleased to announce the appointments of our U13 Intake Team coaches for 2015. Ron Cuthbert, who has previously led our 2000 and 2001 Boys, will assume the Head Coach position with the 2003 Boys. Ron will be assisted by Mike D’Agostino who, among other assignments, also serves as Assistant TD with North Van FC and is their Academy Director. For the Girls, we welcome Darren Rath as Head Coach of our 2003 Intake Team. MUFC coach bios can be found here:

Congratulations to these very capable and experienced coaches on their assignments and we wish both teams the very best as they begin play in the BCSPL.

Posted on: February 14, 2015

BCSPL’s Mountain United FC Girls Teams Earn Top Spots


U18 Girls -1997’s

Mountain United FC is celebrating two recent US tournament successes as their Girls U17 and U18 teams both came back with impressive first place finishes in two separate Premier soccer level US Winter Classic College Showcase events, one in Seattle and the other in Portland.

Mountain FC’s U17 Girls team were looking to start off 2015 on the right foot following a challenging & competitive trip to the Canadian Nationals in October. They did just that by claiming the championship trophy at the Pacific Northwest Winter Classic College Showcase in Seattle, January 16-19.

The U18 Girls matched that by claiming the FC Portland Premier Winter College Showcase in Oregon. This team captured the BCSPL League Championship back in November and the players will be keen to maintain their form as they enter their final phase of youth soccer in the BCSPL.

Both teams are to be congratulated for their undefeated runs at these two tournaments and for once again displaying an impressive brand of MUFC soccer.


U17 Girls -1998’s



Posted on: January 30, 2015

Mountain United FC Appreciation Night 2014

MUFC held its 2nd Annual Club Appreciation Night on November 17th at the Kay Meek Center in West Vancouver. The event was extremely well attended by staff, players, parents, partners, sponsors and supporters. A big thank you to the members of the Organizing Committee for their extraordinary efforts in making this event a huge success.

Mr. Victor Montagliani, President of the Canadian Soccer Association was on hand to deliver an inspiring message, which was very well received by all in attendance. We thank Vic for contributing so generously to our event.

In addition to recognizing our staff, partners and sponsors for their work and ongoing support, a number of Awards were presented.

Player of Distinction Awards

Girls Boys
Molly Quarry Deylen Vellios
Emma Hooton Miles Gailiunas
Camila Gomez-Hernandez Jake Ruby
Ella Sandoval-Carlsten Alan Camacho
Rachel Kordysz Chris Damian
Christina Dickson Nick Bailey

Mountain United FC Female Player of the Year Award – Camila Gomez-Hernandez

Mountain United FC Male Player of the Year Award – Jake Ruby

Mountain United FC Team of the Year Award – U17 Boys

Congratulations to all of the Award recipients and our thanks to the many that attended our Appreciation Night!

Posted on: November 19, 2014

MUFC Claims Three BCSPL League Cups

1.3_BCPL_logo_rd2_2ACongratulations to our U14 Boys, U14 Girls and U17 Girls on capturing BCSPL League Cup titles as the league wrapped up Phase Two competition. The U14 Boys played a very composed and spirited game defeating Coastal FC by a score of 2-1. In the U14 Girls game, MUFC was required to come from behind twice against Surrey United but eventually their superior play was rewarded and they prevailed with a 4-2 victory. Finally, the U17 Girls, who also matched up against Surrey United, were very comfortable and claimed the last title of the day with a 3-0 scoreline. Well done to the players and staff of these League Cup Champions!



U17 Girls


U14 Boys


U14 Girls

Posted on: November 17, 2014

Four MUFC Teams to Challenge for the BCSPL Cup

BCSPL-Logo-NewCongratulations to our U14 Girls, U14 Boys, U17 (97) Girls and U17 Boys on reaching the Final of the BCSPL League Cup to be played in Coquitlam, November 15th and 16th, 2014. Following a successful Phase Two of BCSPL play, these teams worked their way through playoff eliminations to claim places in the Finals. For more information and the complete schedule, please read this 2014 EA Sports BCSPL League Cup Finals media release.

Here is this weekend’s schedule for our Mountain teams, good luck everyone!

Saturday, November 15
U14 Boys: Coastal FC vs Mountain United FC: Town Center East 2:30pm
U17 Boys: Surrey United SC vs Mountain United FC: Town Center West 12:30pm

Sunday, November 16
U14 Girls: Surrey United SC vs Mountain United FC: Town Center West 12:30pm
U17 Girls: Mountain United FC (97) vs Surrey United SC (98): Town Center West 3:00pm




Posted on: November 12, 2014

MUFC Captures First National Championship Medal

B17-National-Bronze-WebCongratulations to the U17 Boys who capped a fantastic tournament by claiming the Bronze Medal at the CSA National Club Championships. The team was only defeated once in its five matches, a loss to Ontario in the semi-finals, but stepped up in their final match to outlast Alberta in an exciting penalty shootout for Bronze. There were exceptional performances turned in by many of the players over the course of the week. Two in particular, Dzenan Bezdrob and Ola Ajibike were awarded the Golden Boot as top goal scorers. Well done to all of the Boys and Coaches on this terrific achievement and delivering the first National Medal to MUFC. For further coverage please read the Burnabynow story


Posted on: October 17, 2014

MUFC Teams Compete in CSA National Championships

Nationals-LogoTwo MUFC teams will have the privilege of representing British Columbia at the CSA National Championships, October 8 – 13, 2014. The U16 Girls will be heading across the country to Mount Pearl, Newfoundland after capturing the BCSPL Provincial Premier Cup in June. Their first match will be against P.E.I. on October 9th. Meanwhile, the U17 Boys received an unexpected invitation to the U18 Boys National Championships following the withdrawal of the Newfoundland team. While the boys will be in tough playing up a year, they are very much looking forward to the challenge. Their first match is also on October 9th. They will face New Brunswick. Best of luck to our MUFC teams! For more Nationals  information see the Nationals website

Posted on: October 6, 2014

Baker Blast 2014

U12-2002-BakerBlast-Boys-4Congratulations to our U13 Intake Teams (2002) on their exceptional overall performances at the 2014 Baker Blast Tournament. The Girls did very well in group play making it through to the semi-final. The Boys made it through to the Final and capped off the tournament with a 3-1 win. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy as the Boys played up a year during the competition. This tournament brought to a close the Spring program for our Intake Teams. We are delighted with the progress of these young boys and girls and recognize the fine work of our coaches. Well done to both teams!

Posted on: July 3, 2014

2014 Provincial Premier Cup Champions – MUFC U16 Girls

G16-Premier-Champs-2014Our U16 Girls captured Gold at the Provincial Premier Cup Finals on Sunday, June 30th at McLeod Park in Langley. Their opponent was Coquitlam Metro Ford and once again these two teams were engaged in a very close contest. Regulation play ended at 1-1 with MUFC’s goal being scored by Lauren Fuerderer on a nice set up from Jordan Angus. MUFC took the lead in overtime on a terrific volley from Emma Cunningham, only to have CMF come back to tie the game. This meant penalty kicks to determine the winner. Brooke Molby was solid in goal and saw one penalty attempt go high and over the bar. That’s all the MUFC girls needed as all of their shots found the net with Jenna Gurniak calmly converted the fifth to claim the Championship. Well done to all of the players and to the staff, Jeff Hodgson, Paul Pedersen, Ashley Dunn and Shawn Sutherland. This team will now represent British Columbia at the CSA Club Nationals to be held in Newfoundland in October.

Congratulations U16 Girls – Provincial Premier Cup Champions!

Posted on: June 30, 2014

Girls U15 Gallery

Here are some photos of our U15 Girls.


Posted on: May 20, 2014

Umbro Cup Champions!

U12-UmbroChamps-2014-WebCongratulations to our U13 Intake Teams who pulled off a double championship at the Umbro Cup in South Surrey. Both teams played impressively throughout the tournament becoming increasingly stronger as they get to know each other as teammates. They certainly put on good displays of “MUFC-Soccer” characterized by possession and constructive play. A great start to their BCSPL careers. Well done to both teams!

Posted on: May 19, 2014

2014 Intake Teams – Player Selections Announced

Mountain United FC are pleased to announce the rosters for our 2014 Intake Teams. Steve Kindel (Boys) and Chris Rowley (Girls) are eager to get started with these talented players.

Luca Alberti, Lucas Booth, Yigal Bruk, Lucas Dasovic, Gianluca Grippo, Masud Habibullah, Kyle Hansen, Matthew Harland, Zakiy Karim, Nick Kordysz, Sam Locher, Michael O’Flynn, Damiano Pecile, Zachariah Thomas, Deylen Vellios, Wilson Yu.

Nicola Birrell, Kayla Campbell, Nicola Custeau, Isabella Galat, Gigi Gaspar, Lauren Grey, Joy Henry, Allison Hills, McKinley Kennedy, Isabel Lambert, Erika Lieu, Clara Liu, Lilia Miki, Ehren Paterson, Ava Pribanic, Molly Quarry, Vanessa Salzano, Holly Tarves.

Posted on: March 3, 2014

Northwest League Champions Cup

Three MUFC teams traveled to Woodinville, Washington on December 14th and 15th to compete in the inaugural Northwest League Champions Cup. This competition brings together the League Cup Champions of the BCSPL versus their American counterparts from the Regional Club League in Washington State. All three MUFC matches were of very good quality and impressed the spectators on hand.

In the U13 Girls match, MUFC met Washington Crossfire. The back-and-forth affair saw the teams each score three times resulting in a draw. Rather than overtime, the competition rules had the teams go directly to penalty kicks. The back-and-forth continued as 18 shooters (nine per team) were required before Crossfire emerged as winners. A fantastic effort by all of our girls in a highly entertaining match.

Meanwhile, on the adjacent field, the U13 Boys squared off against Seattle United. Both teams demonstrated excellent technical abilities and possession oriented soccer. They traded attacks for the better part of the first half before MUFC began to assert themselves and cruised to a 3-1 victory. All four goals scored in this match were of the highest quality.

Finally, in the U15 Girls final, MUFC came through with a narrow 1-0 victory over PAC West. Again, the teams put on a nice display of constructive play throughout the match. MUFC came close several times including an in-close opportunity that rocked the crossbar. Eventually, one of MUFC’s creative runs forward led to a penalty and the eventual winner. Congratulations to our teams for representing the Club so well at the NW League Champions Cup!
For a full recap of the event and photos, see… Northwest Champions Cup Recap on our BCSPL website. Local web media also covered the games and have a recap including some great photos here…. Goal WA

U15 Champions - Mountain United FC girls & Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC boys

U15 Champions – Mountain United FC girls & Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC boys


U13 Champions - Washington Crossfire girls & Mountain United FC boys

U13 Champions – Washington Crossfire girls & Mountain United FC boys

Posted on: December 15, 2013

2013 BCSPL League Cup Championships

Boys U13 2013 League Cup Champions

Boys U13 2013 League Cup Champions

Congratulations to the Mountain United FC U13 Boys, U13 Girls and U15 Girls on capturing the 2013 BCSPL League Cup in their respective Divisions. The U13 Boys defeated Coastal FC 1-0 in a hard fought match where they defended their narrow margin for a significant portion of the match. Great performances were turned in by so many of these fine young players. The U13 Girls provided drama and excitement as they scored very late to equalize against a strong Coastal FC team, then capped off the come back with a goal in overtime to win it 3-2.

Girls U13 2013 League Cup Champions

Girls U13 2013 League Cup Champions

Not to be outdone, the U15 Girls also provided a memorable match as they and Surrey United were deadlocked at 1-1 after regulation and overtime. It took penalty kicks to determine the winner. Our Girls were very composed in the shootout and claimed the Cup. Well done to all of our teams participating in the BCSPL League Cup Championships!
Girls U15 2013 League Cup Champions

Girls U15 2013 League Cup Champions

Posted on: November 19, 2013

Provincial Premier Cup Champions – MUFC U13 Girls

MUFC-G13-ProvincialChampsOur U13 Girls capped off an excellent season by capturing the Provincial Premier Cup with a convincing 3-0 victory over Coastal FC on Sunday morning. Playing on an immaculate grass field at South Surrey Athletic Park, the girls established their trademark possession game early on and did not open the door to their opponents. Emma Regan and Julia Grosso scored for MUFC while a third was recorded as an own goal on an effective cross from Jessica Ambrosio. All of the girls are deserving of praise for the manner in which they pulled together contributing to a comprehensive team effort. Player of the Match honours went to Julia Grosso for her fine play throughout the game. Congratulations to Paul Turner, Carlos Grosso and Susan Regan in leading this exceptional group of young ladies. 

Well done U13 Girls – 2013 Provincial Premier Cup Champions!

Posted on: July 3, 2013

U13 Initiation Rosters – 2013 Final Selections

Mountain United FC are pleased to announce the Final Player Selections for our Initiation Teams. Steve Hood will guide the Boys Initiation Team while Carlos Grosso will lead the Girls Initiation Team.

Benjamin Beaulieu, Keegan Chao, Marco Consiglio, Aydan Esmail, Declan Fremont, Miles Gailiunas, Sebastien Geddes, Navroop Gill, Archie King, Eryk Kobza, Christopher Lee, Owen McBride, Gavin Mcmahon, Giuliano Montagliani, Chidubem Nkoloagu, Kaden Oseen, Evan Smith, Tristan Torresan

Nadia Bigiolli, Alexandra Bleuler, Lauren Cadiente, Michela Estrada, Michaela Filippelli, Seren Green, Allison Hills, Emma Hooton, Nicola Hustwait, Emilie Kaye, Sabrina Mastropieri, Alexis Palmer, Sarah Paul, Karina Rodrigues, Solaine Sasakamoose, Caitlin Shaw, Taylor Spong, Giuliana Zaurrini

Posted on: March 10, 2013

Northwest Champions League – Finalists

G15-NW-FinalistsTrophyOur U15 (1998) Girls traveled to Portland, Oregon February 1-3, 2013 to compete in the Final Four of the Northwest Champions League Tournament. This competition was played out over three rounds of play beginning in August, with Round 2 in October. The Girls went undefeated through the first two rounds with a record of five wins and one draw to reach the Finals. In the Semi-Final, the Girls took on FC Nova from Boise, Idaho and came away with a well-deserved 1-0 win. The scoreline was not necessarily indicative of play as MUFC maintained possession and dictated the tempo of the game. With this win, they were through to the Final to take on Tualatin Hills United (THUSC) , a strong team from nearby Beaverton, Oregon who also held an undefeated record. Unfortunately, the girls were beat 2-0 in the final. Coach Jeff Hodgson commented on the quality of their opponent but was also very proud of the manner in which his team competed throughout. Congratulations to the girls and to all four of our teams that competed in the NWCL. MUFC teams made three Finals which was a great accomplishment.




Posted on: February 10, 2013

2012 Northwest Champions League

Both of MUFC’s U13 Initiation Teams (2000) participated in the Finals of the Northwest Champions League, December 1/2, 2012 in Portland, Oregon. The NWCL is comprised of three rounds of play including the finals. Both teams emerged from Divisions of 15 teams coming from the Western States and BC. Round 1 was held in late August while Round 2 was played during Thanksgiving in October. Qualifications to the Finals were given to the top four teams. In the semi finals, our Boys came away with a hard fought 3-2 victory over the Boise Nationals while our Girls dispatched a strong team from Seattle Crossfire, 1-0. In the Final matches, our Boys could not overcome a three goal half-time deficit or the strong wind conditions, eventually falling 3-1 to the Seattle Crossfire. The Girls came away as Champions claiming a 3-1 victory over the Vancouver Timbers from Washington State. Congratulations to both teams on their exceptional performances through this extended competition. We are certainly proud of the way you have represented Mountain United FC. Well done! Our Girls Champions are pictured here.

Posted on: December 10, 2012

Congratulations to our U13 Boys and U16 Girls

Pictured below are the BCSPL League Cup Champion – MUFC U13 Boys and U16 Girls

Posted on: November 4, 2012

Adidas Cup Winners!

For the second consecutive year, the MUFC U16 Girls are winners of the Adidas Cup Tournament. Last year, the girls competed as an underage team and came away with the trophy. Over the Labour Day weekend in Richmond, the girls successfully defended their title by stringing together four consecutive wins, including a 2-0 decision in the final over Coquitlam Metro Ford. This team has been on quite a roll and as Provincial Premier Cup Champions, they will travel to Prince Edward Island in October to represent MUFC and British Columbia at the 2012 Canadian Club Championships. Great work ladies!

Please see this Adidas video Re-Cap of the Cup competition.

Posted on: September 10, 2012

Provincial Premier Cup Champions – MUFC U16 Girls

Congratulations to our U16 Girls for capturing the Provincial Premier Cup! After an outstanding regular season that saw these girls emerge as League Champions with a 13-1-1 record, they capped things off with a 2-0 victory over Coquitlam Metro Ford in the EA Sports BCSPL Provincial Premier Cup Final. A very deserving rC and ecipient of the game’s MVP Award was Seina Kashima who’s speed and skill troubled her opponents all game long. This is the first Provincial Championship for Mountain United Fthe team has also earned the right to represent MUFC and British Columbia at the Canadian Club Nationals in October. This tournament will bring together the Nation’s best teams and will be held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Our thanks to Lee Tregonning, Raquel Hayley and Cheryl Fast-Defer for their leadership of this fine group. Well done everyone and Good Luck at Nationals!

Posted on: August 2, 2012

MUFC Impressive at Baker Blast Tournament!

Congratulations to our newest teams, the U13 Initiation Boys and Girls who pulled off a Championship double at the Baker Blast Tournament, June 23/24. Both teams went through their qualifying rounds undefeated and carried their impressive play through to the final matches. An outstanding achievement by these young players who undoubtedly have bright futures as BCSPL players. Well done boys and girls!

Posted on: July 25, 2012

U17/18 Girls help out

Members of the Mountain United FC U17/18 Girls’ BC Soccer Premier League soccer team shared in the spirit of the season this weekend by volunteering at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, helping to prepare Christmas Dinner for 500 women and children. The Downtown Eastside Women’s centre hosts a Christmas dinner for women and children in the community every year. The team helped with food preparation and sorting of donations from the community. Well done ladies! You are a credit to our Club and to your respective families. Thank you!

U17-18 Girls help outSorting clothingFood preparation

Posted on: December 19, 2011