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MUFC do not hold "Open Evaluations" for our current U13-U18 teams. Prospective players are identified through scouting, recommendation, or by submitting an Evaluation Request. Players may request an evaluation using this Form, we will notify you of a day and time to attend one of our team training sessions for an assessment. Numerous players have already flowed through this process and are now members of MUFC. If you feel you are a prospective high performance player or are currently playing in the BCSPL and are seeking an opportunity with MUFC, please complete this Evaluation Request Form. Make sure to click the "Send" button!

Note: In order to receive player background information, contact with your current coach and Club may be necessary. We regret that not all players completing this form will be contacted and or accommodated for an evaluation with the Club.

MUFC - Player Tryout Request Form

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